Technologies & Services

When we talk about technologies, referring to our activities for Emergency Telecommunications, we must cover all possible technology sectors that ours & strategic partners’ specialized engineers use to design solutions for practical problems that emerge.

Technology solutions to all diverse individual applications that as a whole, form an Emergency Telecommunications system, ready to be alerted by its users & immediately deliver its messages to the appropriate address lists for triggering event safety precautions & handling procedures.

These technology solutions include:

Designing, delivering and commissioning Distributed SIP IP based Telecommunications systems & networks.
Systems & applications that interact & integrate in larger scale networks & central supervision systems, commonly used in large infrastructure projects.
Environmental metal constructions turned into enclosures & other attachments capable of supporting all Emergency Terminals (Roadside Telephones, Tunnel Phones, Booths, Semibooths, Illuminated signs, Masts, Posts etc).
LED lighting applications for the Illuminated Emergency Signs in Tunnels, showing the position of Emergency Tunnel Phones & Fire Extinguishers, evacuation exits, lays – bys etc.
Autonomous hybrid Renewable energy systems based on Solar and/or Wind power blended with the best of their kind charging controllers & energy storage systems, for power supply of GSM Highway Columns, LED Lighting posts etc. Special considerations are taken for protection of surfaces or post entities susceptible to human vandalism.

One of the main purposes of this type of tunnel is to eliminate steep climbs for rolling stock in mountainous terrain.Underground railways in densely populated urban areas also use tunnels to keep distances short and travel times down. Here, too, communication is crucial, whether it’s enabling information announcements or providing emergency call points or central control for escape route lighting, CCTV cameras and the like. Where escape tunnels are available, they too need appropriate emergency call and public address facilities.

Strategic partners

Since 2000 SAFENET teamed up with its strategic partner companies NIKME Mermigas Bros, MICROBASE and C.VALAVANIS SA. Each of them, as a field expert, added value to SAFENET’s participation as a senior subcontractor to the most significant Highway, Tunnel and other Infrastructure Projects like Athens Metro extensions and Suburban Railway, in the Greek territory. Integration excellence shared with knowledge from our strategic partners’ expertise and ten years experience from completed infrastructure projects lead us to provide complete solutions to Construction Joint Ventures, E/M main subcontractors etc.


NIKME co., Was founded in 1958 in Athens by N.P. Mermigas based on producing spare parts for bikes and motorbikes.
By the year 1989 was extended and amended as NIKME-Mermiga N., in order to expand activities and manufacturing capabilities.

MIKME facilities provide:


MICROBASE is a communications software developer and supplier, with a leading role in Greek and Cypriot market and a developing position in EMEA markets. Founded in 2003, Microbase has invested in creating innovative products which have been the basis of our customers’ telecommunication infrastructure.
Microbase Software Development and Network Planning Departments with their dCAP and MSCP engineers, aim to research and develop advanced communication solutions.

Valavanis Metal

C.VALAVANIS METAL SA since its inception in 1970, has managed to grow rapidly in the sheet metal processing industry, focusing on quality, meeting all relevant European standards and being on the forefront of technology.
C. VALAVANIS SA facilities provide:

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