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Whether they run overground or underground to bypass obstacles, road tunnels are not just tubes leading through mountains, bedrock or under the seafloor. They are exceedingly complex constructions with a heart of high-tech architecture. However, it’s not just the tunnels’ construction technology that is impressively sophisticated but also the equipment required to maintain them and – much more importantly – to make them safe and secure.


This type of tunnel is usually found on motorways or similar roads. Its main purpose is to provide direct routes across natural obstacles such as mountains, rivers or channels. Motorists receive relevant information, warning and instruction announcements via public address announcements, emergency help points or audio broadcasts fed directly to car radios. In case of an emergency, vehicles in front of the tunnel portal must be warned and prevented from entering. Depending on the situation, the seamless interplay of all safety systems and components can be life-saving.


One of the main purposes of this type of tunnel is to eliminate steep climbs for rolling stock in mountainous terrain.Underground railways in densely populated urban areas also use tunnels to keep distances short and travel times down. Here, too, communication is crucial, whether it’s enabling information announcements or providing emergency call points or central control for escape route lighting, CCTV cameras and the like. Where escape tunnels are available, they too need appropriate emergency call and public address facilities.


These tunnels are intended primarily to provide a safe underpass for pedestrians on their way to an underground railway station or garage, for example. The key here is to provide a reassuring environment. This includes security equipment, e.g., emergency audio/ video stations with features such as emergency/distress sound detection and direct loudspeaker connections for bi-directional communication with staff at the security desk. Additional music feeds can also help to provide a comfortable atmosphere and avoid panic situations.

Smart systems work together

Where security and communication systems are concerned, it is essential for all components to interface smoothly. A constant exchange of data, video and audio streams allows these systems to utilise their full potential and enable perfectly integrated solutions for maximum user benefit..

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