Tissue dosimetry of liposome-radionuclide complexes for internal radiotherapy: toward liposome-targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals

Quantitative examination of the important physical parameters, such as the tumor absorbed dose and the tumor-to-normal-tissue (T-NT) absorbed dose ratios, for effective use of radionuclide-liposome conjugates m internal radiotherapy was carried out. Methods: The Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) formalism was used to develop a set of dosimetric equations. Pharmacokinetic functions used as input information to the dosimetric model were derived from experimental time-biodistribution data. Multilamellar (MLV), small unilamellar (SUV) and sterically stabilized (GM1- and PEG- coated) liposomes were examined in combination with the very promising particle emitting radionuclides: 67Cu, 188Re and 211At.